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Know Your Bag

Have you ever thought who made the shirt you wear, who made the wallet you carry, who made the bag you use?????

NO..... RIGHT!!!

We never think of the story of the products we use. We might see the behind the scenes of the movie to see the hardships behind film making but never see or want to know the hardships in making a product.

Whenever an artisan makes a bag, he always thinks about the consumer who is going to use the product. By Daak we are trying to promote the people behind the scenes, because they are the ones who make a Brand.

With every bag, we keep a note of "Know your Bag". It has the story of the bag, what were the process it has gone through, who were the people who made it, which leather it is made of......

Let us all start asking who made the products you use, how it is made, what were the processes, from where the material is sourced. This way we can connect to our products (leather bags) more. Not only Daak, brands should show behind the scenes.



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